Psychological Testing and Assessment

We complete thorough psychological assessments including psychoeducational testing and mood and personality evaluations. Our evaluations include assessing for potential learning disorders, giftedness, educational/work accommodations and/or emotional/behavioral problems. See some common assessment requests below:

Pediatric and Young adult ADHD Evaluations: Individuals who may have difficulty with focus and attention including distractibility as well as hyperactivity/restlessness, emotional delays and difficulty recognizing social cues may seek understanding as to why these things are occurring and why they are impacting school, occupational, and/ or social functioning. Psychological assessment can clarify where these difficulties related to executive functioning (attention, multi-tasking, etc.) may be stemming from.

Assessment for specific learning disorders: Persons who may have difficulty with an academic area such as reading, writing, or math may seek evaluative services with the goal of determining if their difficulties are related to a learning disorder. Evaluation also helps to determine individuals’ educational strengths.

Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Services: Parents of students (and students themselves) may seek evaluation related to ESE services in order to ensure that their student is receiving education designed to meet their unique needs. Assessment such as these often help determine if a 504 or Individualized Education Plan (IEP) may be needed. ESE evaluation services also includes assessing for gifted education placement.

Emotional/Behavioral Changes: Sometimes patient and families want to better understand themselves and/or loved ones, especially when a change in emotional and/or behavioral functioning is observed. Psychological testing can help determine if an individual is experiencing mental and or behavioral health symptoms as a step to help themselves and/or their loved ones improve their functioning.