Diagnostic Evaluations

A psychological evaluation is a clinical interview conducted by a trained mental health professional and entails obtaining details about an individual and/or family’s biological, psychological, and social history. The information gathered from the evaluation allows the professional to accurately identify any mental and/or behavioral health conditions an individual may be experiencing.

At Hancock-Smith Pediatric & Behavioral Health our diagnostic evaluations are conducted by licensed clinical psychologists. Each patient seen in our practice begins treatment with this initial step. We provide comprehensive evaluations which include a clinical interview in addition to brief symptom screening assessments. After thorough review of your biopsychosocial functioning, you are provided clinical feedback including any mental/behavioral health diagnosis (es) as appropriate. Each identified mental/behavioral health condition is explained in full detail including symptoms and how they currently impact/manifest in your day-to-day functioning. The evaluation concludes with an individually tailored treatment plan. We review the most effective evidenced-based (i.e. based upon sound and peer-reviewed scientific research) treatment for your presenting mental/behavioral health condition, therapy format, session frequency, and how the treatment will specifically improve your health.