Our Mission

Hancock-Smith Pediatric & Behavioral Health’s mission is to promote wellness (i.e., physical, mental, and spiritual health) through empowerment and change.

We understand the role that genetics, self-identification, culture, the environment, and socialization play in human development. With this knowledge, we practice within a multicultural biopsychosocial framework, which focuses on all aspects of health. All treatment provided is evidenced based, which means that it is well studied and has been proven to be effective via scientific research. We provide holistic care tailored to each individual and family. Through thorough assessment, evaluation, and quality treatment, we utilize empowerment to help youth and families tap into their own power to make healthy sustainable change.

Our practice regularly collaborates with other health care providers to ensure that no part of our patients' health is neglected. Here, we also know that community matters, and we utilize all resources available, including educational settings, community programs, and places of spiritual well-being and development, to help youth and families improve their lives.

Hancock-Smith Pediatric & Behavioral Health celebrates all aspects of human diversity and likeness by incorporating the practice of cultural humility in every aspect of our organization. We are committed to making our local community a healthier place to be by providing an inclusive and safe space for change.

We welcome all to be the change they want to achieve!